I’m addicted to Zumba!  In just the short time since I started doing Zumba a few times a week, I’ve gone down 2 pants sizes!  The last two weeks I’ve been terribly sick and unable to go, but hope to go back on Monday.

Many people join gyms in January hoping to keep their New Year’s resolution of getting fit, or working out 3 times a week.  I don’t look forward to the gym being suddenly crowded, especially on Mondays.  People goof off all weekend and think that Monday is always the best day to go back.  I bet there will be 150 people in my class on Monday.  The bad news: many won’t know the steps & will bump into me while exercising.  The good news:  there will be so many in the room that sweat will pour off of me & I’ll burn even more calories!!


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