How to Stay Entertained

In Florida we don’t get snow days, we get hurricane days.  The last time we had real snow, it shut down the state of Florida in 1989.  We don’t have snow plows, or snow tires, & salt trucks, so shutting down I-75 for 3 days made the world laugh at us.

When a hurricane comes, though, we are prepared.  After boarding everything up & moving all the possibly flying objects indoors, we have hurricane parties where we turn the weather radar channel on mute while cooking everything in our freezer.  Or we pile into an SUV and head to beach bar The Ritz where everyone walks in to dry off, drink up, and of course watch the weather channel on TV.  These actions are only for categories 1-3 hurricanes.  For categories 4 & 5 we stay home, hope the power doesn’t turn off and watch the weather channel while people constantly call to make sure we’re OK.


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