Have you ever truly thought about happiness as being your responsibility?  On today’s Get Organized Wizard‘s Facebook page, Michele Connolly discusses 5 people who aren’t responsible for your happiness.  Basically it comes down to the fact that you are responsible for your happiness.  Yep, that’s right…YOU! It is how we react to what others say and do that make it seem like others make us unhappy.

Before September 3, 2009 I was a very unhappy person.  I was always talking negative, finding fault in everyone, and everything, around me.  I would complain constantly about different things that happened during the day, etc.  On that day my world was literally turned upside down & inside out.  I was diagnosed with SVT (supraventrical tachycardia) where my heart was beating at almost 300 beats per minute for a few hours (they almost had to put me to sleep and use the paddles but the extremely painful medication they used FINALLY made it get back in rhythm and after about 4 more hours it was again below 100 bpm), lupus, and asthma.  WTF?  I was newly married (May…my friends and I jokingly blamed it on my husband saying he gave me heart palpitations) and this just wasn’t possible to suddenly have weekly doctor visits with four different doctors!  All I can say is thank God for fantastic insurance and an amazing pain buddy who was going through breast cancer at the same time!

Fast forward to July 2010.  After finding out that I didn’t have lupus (just an allergy to my beloved red meat – beef AND pork…NOT the other white meat for sure) and heart surgery, I was all fixed only needing an allergy medication (and my pain buddy is now cancer free!).  I had a new lease on life & I wasn’t going to let myself react so negatively to things around me.

I find that if I choose to react differently, I’m not as stressed out, I have more friends & apparently I’m a lot more witty.  FANTASTICAL!! (Yes, I know that’s not a word, but I like making things up like that :))


17 thoughts on “Happiness

    1. I don’t mind at all! The medication they used to get my heart back in rhythm was Adenosine (a dosage of 6 & then 12). The surgery I had was a heart cath where they burned 2 extra nerves I had in my heart.

      1. more than the medications what i wanna share is the way you bounced back in life. i am in critical care, and people need a lot of support after they get out of unit. i wish i could help them some more with real life examples like yours!

      2. Oh of course! Share with anyone. I feel like I’ve been given a second chance & will definitely blog about that in the future. That’s part of where blissful moments came from too.

  1. Hi Deb,
    Found your blog on DailyPost… if you’d like to be a blog buddy, leave me a comment and we can support each other. I blog daily.

  2. Man – I needed to hear this today – my imPressed is always telling me to get happy and stop being sad – while I don’t see myself that way – I can certainly understand how other’s might see it –

    Thanks for reminding me – my happiness is my own.

    1. You’re so welcome! There’s definitely more to it than just getting happy. It takes a lot of work to learn how to change the way you view and react to the world. It took a of scary moments over a 10-month time period to get me to where I am today.

      Take a look at Eof737’s blog as well. She has some great motivational posts too.

  3. Happiness is always the best choice, but some days it can be hard. I find on those days I just keep telling myself “I am Happy” and that usually brings a smile to my face, just saying it. Nice to meet you Deb!
    Debbie 🙂

    1. Oh it can be very difficult on days when things don’t seem to go your way. I find that just stopping when I find I’m getting a snarl on my face & actually smiling helps in an unexpected way. Nice to meet you too Debbie!

  4. I understand that completely. This blog brought me to tears, as sometimes happiness as being ones own responsibility is a tough pill to swallow..

    in response to your comment on my blog –
    hahah thank you!!
    Sometimes my in your face attitude gets me in a LOT of trouble.. 😛 (also, hence my “posted in your face” )

    Absolutely I will be your blogging buddy!! 😀
    What things were you looking for in terms of motivation? I will do what I can!!!


    1. Brought you to tears? Oh, I’m so sorry! It’s amazing how we can impact others without even realizing it. Comments and discussions are the biggest motivation for me. 😀 So, any time you see something that you agree with, or even disagree with, please feel free to comment.

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