You’re Allowed to be Angry

I realize this may come in direct conflict with my happiness post, but every now & then it helps to get angry.  I don’t mean when someone cuts in front of you in the Starbucks drive thru.  I mean there are certain times when you need to just let it all out!

When I was first told that I had a heart problem, it was an answer to an on-going problem that I had for 20+ years that doctors always attributed to stress.  I would always argue that it had nothing to do with stress & would just show up unannounced when I was putting on makeup. I wasn’t happy that it was a lot more frequent now and that I suddenly had to be on meds for it, but I wasn’t angry.

That same day I was told that I had a “connective tissue disorder” whatever that meant.  I studied it online & the next time I met with the doctor, (the next week) I was told that it was lupus.  OK that made me angry!  I can’t possibly have a life threatening disease!  What is going on here?  Surely the doctors & blood work are wrong!!!

Well, they were, but not in the way I expected.  After 6 months of weekly doctor visits (3 ologists & my gp), I found out that I don’t have lupus YAY!!!!  Finally something to be excited about!!!!!!!

I have an allergy to the saturated fat in red meat.  WHOA!  Hold on just a darn minute!  Anger reared its ugly head.  I.CAN’T.BE.ALLERGIC.TO.MY.BELOVED.RED.MEAT!  I mean, I CRAVED red meat!  I need it!  It screams my name! I read everything I could about trying different types (grass fed, organic, etc.) only to find out that even pork “the other white meat” is truly red meat and my body just can’t handle any of it.  😦  After eating just one serving of red meat, I can hardly walk the next day.  😦  I tried a small bite of a tasty looking cheeseburger that my husband was eating about 8 months after giving it up & had to spit it out…it tasted like pure fat!  GROSS!

<sigh> After getting angry, I gave up.  I gave up my beloved filet mignon, French onion soup, well done bacon, and juicy cheeseburgers. Even typing this, I had to slow down from the sadness of giving them up.

My friends L & K understand this, as they haven’t eaten any in years.  I now feel guilty for convincing them to go to a Brazilian steakhouse a few years ago during a girls weekend b/c just the smell of it cooking now turns my stomach, and in that restaurant they walk up with giant slabs of meat on sticks.   <sorry L & K!>

So when you’re given unexpected news feel free to vent and get angry.  Get it out of your system.  Write down your feelings.  Tell your pain buddy.  Tell your cat.  Tell your best friend.  Then, get over it.  Staying angry won’t change what’s happened.  If it’s something you can change…change it!  If it’s something you can write your elected officials and ask them to change, do it!  But staying angry over something you can’t change (health issues, or the actions of others), only hurts you.


4 thoughts on “You’re Allowed to be Angry

  1. Anger can be a good thing when it is directed to making life saving changes… Good for you that the doctors gave you a doable 🙂 solution to your health concerns. Have you seen the movie Food Inc? It is worth seeing…
    I agree, “Staying angry won’t change what’s happened.” You’ll be fine. I don’t eat meat and have found lots of other options. Cheer up!

    1. I haven’t seen it, but it is recommended for our English Composition class. I’ll have to check it out. It was almost a year ago that I gave it up & I’m no longer angry about it…just sometimes miss a great burger (like last night), but I try to find the another fantastic menu item and choose that. It does get annoying always having to ask if something will be switched out b/c it’s cooked with sausage, or if any of the sides come with any type of meat. But the pain involved with eating it just isn’t worth it to me. Thanks for the encouragement!

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