Ever noticed that when the temperature dips, the mercury rises, it rains, or snows, people always feel the need to state the obvious and/or complain about it?  I’d be willing to bet that the weather is the most complained about phenomenon out there.

There is a woman that works in my office that has very little social interaction outside of our office and her church.  She doesn’t have groups of friends that she meets out and about, so church and co-workers are her life support.  Any time she walks in from being outside, she states the obvious about the weather and then complains about it.  If it’s raining, she complains how wet her purse got.  If it’s cool, she complains that her fingers are like ice.  If it’s warm, she complains that it’s just so darn hot.  Nothing satisfies this person.

The funny thing is that I’ve started responding with the opposite of the complaint.  Raining=our water table desperately needs the rain.  Cold=there are fewer mosquitoes & flies the colder it is.  Hot=I absolutely love the heat!  Guess what happened?  She no longer complains to me about the weather!

How wonderful it is, that most people are off work today in the US (unless you work for my company) and that is the day this week that it rains.  The roads were empty this morning.  All drive thrus were empty today, and the ponds and streams all around me are getting back to their “normal” level once again.


7 thoughts on “Weather

  1. Good for you… You made her move the whining elsewhere… I do feel sad for her; especially the part about her lack of friends.
    How about surprising her one day and taking her out to lunch? She might surprise you with a different kind of story… 🙂

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