I can get completely lost in a bookstore.  I lose track of time, place, what I’m looking for, everything!  Sunday I had to go to Barnes & Noble to get a book for one of my classes (In Cold Blood by Truman Capote).  I asked the person at customer service if she could help me, and for some reason it was in the fiction section, even though it is a nonfiction book.

I was on my way to the counter when I thought that I’d like to peruse the psychology section to look at any forensic psychology books.  Of course I found a few and spent about 20 minutes scanning bar codes into my phone to save for a later date (I absolutely love having the iPhone with all the useful apps).

I started towards the counter again when journals caught my eye.  Oh how I love the fresh look of clean journals!  I stood there for 20 minutes holding & touching all the different types; slapping my hand when I would think about buying yet another journal (I probably have 10 unused journals at home).

I finally made it to the counter & asked how much the DSM-IV TR is.  The DSM-IV TR is a giant, thick book with every psychological disorder known to man explained in it.  I can not WAIT to get one!  I will evenutally need one and the only things holding me back are #1 – the cost, which is $99 & #2 – I know they’ll come out with a new one by the time I need it for class, so I don’t want to have to spend the money again.  Man oh man do I want it, though!

I made it out of Barnes & Noble with just the book I went in for (that’s a MAJOR feat for me).  I walked into the bright sunlight & suddenly couldn’t remember where I was, or where I parked my car!  hahahaha!  I almost always go to the B&N near my work, and I always, always, always park in the same area because I’m afraid of walking out of a store & having no idea where my car is.  I had to stand there for a moment to get my bearings…oh yeah, I’m at a different store, now where did I park?  Maybe I should go back inside.



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    eof737 Says:

    This was very funny because it reminded me of something I would do. I truly love books and bookstores 🙂

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