I was a little stuck for today’s post, so I checked out my previous post about prompts for inspiration.  It took me to Sunday Scribblings, and searching through posts within the blog, I found an idea in February 2008.

There are so many things that can be said about passion.  I grew up in a college town where almost everyone is over the top passionate about college football.  Streets are closed, people are parked everywhere, there is a sea of orange and blue everywhere one looks most Saturdays in the fall.

I once heard a sermon about passion when I was in high school.  The pastor said, “Find one thing your passionate about and give it your all!”  Basically she said that when you try to be passionate about many things, you aren’t as effective.  And the end result is that you dabble in a few things.  At the time it was abortion (that’s what the sermon was about that day).  I was quite passionate against abortion at the time.  I even got in a screaming match with my grandfather because he told me that if I got pregnant, I WOULD have an abortion!  WHOA Nelly!  I had to let my opinion be heard…especially since it was MY body he was talking about!

Now that I’m 20+ years older, I’m passionate about different things, and my views on abortion are a little different than they once were, but I won’t get into that here.  As you could probably guess, I’m now passionate about my health.

I’m not 100% yet, but I’m working towards my goals to be the healthiest I can be.  In working towards that goal, I’ve learned a lot about heart health (and disease).  Did you know that 1 in 3 women DIE from heart disease?  Scary stuff!!!  Did you also know that a mere 50 years ago it was taboo to work on the heart?  Now they can go in through a teenie tiny incision in the bend of your leg (seriously, my pinky nail is wider than the scar), go into your heart, and burn out bad nerves and tissue with a laser!  A laser…in your heart!!!  It’s February, which is National Heart Health Month.  Do something good for your heart today!


3 thoughts on “Passion

  1. Our purpose is to discover our purpose and then pursue it with passion.

    One of my Freshly Pressed posts:

    “If we each select only the causes which interest us most, the ones that touch our hearts, we funnel our energy (instead of diffusing it) ~ increasing the odds that we will contribute to creating effective solutions for the planet.”

    Good for you ~ our health adds to the quality of life.

    If you need any ideas for meatless meals:


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