How do you get enough water throughout the day?  It is recommended that we drink 8± glasses of water per day.

When I ate 3 meals in a cafeteria on a campus, I filled 2 glasses of water (no ice simply b/c I get more water) when I would go through the line to get my meal.  I always made sure I drank both glasses no matter what. That meant that I only needed 2 more glasses during the day, which usually came into play while taking vitamins, or pouring a glass when I was thirsty.

Now that I’m no longer in that situation, I have to be a little more creative.  I mean, who wants to order water with no ice when you can order a margarita or a beer?

When I go to zumba classes, I typically drink 34 ounces during class and have a glass as soon as I get home.  I then have a bottle (16.9 oz) after lunch every day with my vitamins, and then one before I go to bed. No problems on that day!

My biggest problem is days that I don’t workout.  What to do to get all that water?  I drink my one bottle after lunch and two glasses at night, but that still leaves 4 glasses…at times that just seems overwhelming!

What do you do?  And before you suggest it, I’m not going to count margaritas and beer as water.  😉


4 thoughts on “Water

  1. I don’t drink enough water so I’m not in the position to advice you… I have started buying enhanced water again because the nutrients help me stay hydrated even if I don’t drink enough… It’s tough in the winter also as the cold makes it less palatable. Here’s to drinking more water! 🙂
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  2. Recent studies suggest that you can count ANY liquid in the total of 64 ounces, and also indicate that the best indicator that you are getting ENOUGH water is if you urine is light colored.

    If your urine is dark yellow ~ drink more. If it’s crystal clear ~ drink less.

    Hope that helps.

  3. I would start the day with water, drink another glass before each meal and every moment that you have anything to drink (minus the bear or margarita), drink water!

    GREAT new theme on the blog too!

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