I never thought much about those 3 letters before I started working in an office with many people who send mass emails.  There are 2 reasons I started using this wonderful to: line.

  1. I would see an email that was funny & forward it on to more people, who forwarded it to more people, who forwarded it to more people.  I would get emails where I have to scroll down 1/2 the email just to find the actual email…seeing every single email address of who has seen it.  So, I started it as a privacy issue.  Not all of my friends know each other and I could find no reason to share their email addresses just to send a funny email.
  2. I would also get random replies from people saying how funny something was.  Today I received 50 “not read” messages where someone deleted emails that were sent a couple of years ago from a former co-worker.  These messages were sent to every person the original email was sent to.   Also today, we had an email go out & someone thought they were being funny and replied to all with some very mean spirited remarks.  Another person then replied to all, and next thing you know, you’re spending 1/2 the afternoon either doing damage control (deleting it from the inbox on the person’s computer who would cry over it), or reading emails shooting back & forth.

In conclusion, please start using the BCC feature.  It not only keeps everyone’s email private, it keeps people from replying to people they never intended to in the first place.


5 thoughts on “BCC

  1. The BCC feature is magical… makes everyone feel you are talking to them alone… no need for divulging email addresses without permission. I love it. 🙂

  2. i use this function all the time where I work – Not because of that – but because I have to send things to the VP and he doesn’t want others to know he is watching!

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