What I Wish Everyone Had a Chance to Read

Wow, that’s a powerful statement, huh?  Eliz over at Mirth & Motivation is doing a blog hop this week and suggested that we post on this subject.  How do I focus on just one thing with that topic?  I could focus on love, but I did that last week.  How about something that changed my life and could possibly have an impact on yours?


There, I said it.  That is the best advice I can give.

I’ve talked about my year from hell (healthwise) here, so I won’t bore you with those details.  What I learned from that year of hell, I will forever use in taking care of myself.  It took me being adamant with my doctors telling them of my severe joint pain, heart issues, breathing issues, on & on.  It took me keeping a food journal to see what reactions I had to certain foods (sleep patterns, pain, etc.).  I then had to take the hard route…I had to give up my beloved red meat.  I could have just continued on with the beta-blockers + the asthma medicine + the pain killers for the joint pain +++++ until my medicine cabinet was TRULY a medicine cabinet!  Instead, I CHOSE to take care of myself and actually fix the problems.

Don’t simply accept it when your doctor hands you a pill and says take this because it will fix your problem.  Pills mask problems, they seldom fix them.  There are many in my family who have those pill sorters to take all their pills 3 times a day.  There are some in my family who hand the doctors a spreadsheet of all their physical issues.  We need to get active, figure out the true problem, and do what we can to live life to the fullest!

After the heart surgery and giving up all mammals, I have no need for heart meds, no need for asthma meds (reaction to the heart meds), no need for pain killers…I simply take one Zyrtek a day with my vitamins and I’m done (they’re doing an allergy panel next month to see what I’m allergic to, so we can get that corrected soon as well).

As many of you reading this know, my grandmother died 2 weeks ago.  We believe it was from the same heart issue that I had.  If I had not had the surgery, my heart could have continued down the same path.

You may say that you aren’t able to function without xyz pill because it takes the pain away.  Look at the underlying reason for your pain.  Is it inflammation?  If it’s inflammation related, research inflammation free diets and try cutting out certain foods for 30 days to see what happens.    You may be amazed that the inflammation goes down to a level where you need a smaller dose, or you may be able to get rid of the pills altogether.  Our bodies are amazing machines that have to be loved and nurtured.

So, once again, take the time to TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF.  You MUST be your own advocate because there is no one out there that knows your body and health as well as you do.


Goals for February

I realize it is already the 7th of February, but who says we can only start goals the first of the month?  🙂

Here are my goals to accomplish between now and March 7th.


  1. Zumba at least 4 times a week
  2. Participate in at least 2 zumba events


  1. Get better at checking everything at work before sending it out
  2. Clear off my desk daily


  1. Get homework finished early for my English class


  1. Work on Ancestry 10 minutes a day
  2. Be more diligent about posting (WordPress) every day
  3. Build a vision board



Did you make any resolutions for 2011?  We’re about 1/2 way into January now.  How are you doing so far?

I think the biggest problem with resolutions is that we feel 1/1 of any year is the only time we can make resolutions.  Why does it have to be 1/1?  Don’t you think it would be easier to make a resolution for each month of the year?

Steve Pavlina, who I first started reading for ideas on staying productive, has written many posts on his website about 30 day trials.  When I first saw this a few years ago, it completely made sense to me.  It was a way to try something for 30 days and if you like it, keep doing it.  If not, go on with your life…no biggie.  He did some big ones, such as eating only raw foods (he stuck with that one), polyphasic sleep and others that you can read about on his website.

I find that I can stick with 30 day trials much easier than I can an entire year.  A year is so very daunting, isn’t it?  I’m supposed to go to the gym 3 times a week all year sounds so much more daunting than going 3 times a week during the month of January.  If you find that you didn’t meet your goal of working out 3 times a week by 1/31, you can either revisit the trial, or change it all together.  Think of the things you can accomplish in one year doing 30 day trials.  You could have 12 newly formed habits, or you can find that you really should have resolved to play with your dogs in the park 3 times a week instead of going to the gym.  🙂