I have never been a big fan of the local news on TV, and even less of a fan of the newspaper (why can’t they fit an entire story on one page?).  I really dislike the fact that the entire process is devoted to negative news.  There may be one positive story amongst 10 negative stories.  And the front page of the newspaper is even worse!  The headline is almost always about some tragedy.

Wednesday I was eating a snack in the break room at work and the front page jumped out at me.  It was a positive story!  Finally something I could read while eating a snack!

The story is about a former firefighter who had some things happen in his life that changed the course of his career.  After dusting himself off, he found Operation New Hope.  He started a janitorial business and now views that as his was of saving others.  How can being a janitor really save others?  Having a clean environment saves us from the germs and disease that would otherwise be all around us.

So, check out a positive story for once!  And, if you feel so inclined, help out others who are trying to be responsible and get back on their feet.

Please note:  I am in no way affiliated with either company, but found it great that there was actually something positive going on in our community that warranted being on the front page!