Have you ever wondered why some people refuse to recycle, even when it’s extremely simple for them to do so?

In our office we have bottled water delivered.  Yes, it is VERY non-environmental friendly for everyone in our office to walk around with bottles of water, but that’s the way it is.  Anyway, we were sent a notice from the management company of our complex that they were going to start a recycling program.  All we had to do was bag the recyclables in a different bag and put them in a special trash can within the complex.  Now, let me tell you how easy it is for our employees.  All they have to do is drop it in the special bin to the right of the doorway in the breakroom.  That’s it!  They don’t have to wash it out, crush it up, or anything.  Just drop it in the special bin. 

It must be extremely difficult to reach the right arm to the right & drop the bottle because many times I find water bottles in the regular trash to the left of the same doorway.  I’m beginning to think it’s a conspiracy!  I mean really, how difficult is this?  😉 

On the other hand, we have friends who live in neighboring counties who used to recycle, but no longer do so because the city simply stopped the program.  It was too costly for them to continue the program.  Pretty sad, huh?

I wish I could say that I wrote this post because I care about the environment.  I really do, honest!  I’m the crazy person in the office that digs the water bottles out of the regular trash cans and drops them in the recycling bin.  I’m also the crazy person who saves any cardboard from Starbucks (only when I forget my cloth sleeve, of course), so that I can recycle it at home.  Well, the real reason I wrote this post is to shamelessly lead people to a website.  It’s a contest to help me win a scholarship that I desperately need.  Please visit this site as often as you like, as I don’t see anywhere that it says you cannot click on it more than once per IP address; only that it has to be a valid IP address.  So, please visit now and ask your friends to visit my blog and click on the site.  Thanks for your help!!