Text messages have changed the way we communicate.

When I was young it was considered rude to call during the “dinner hour”.  It was considered an emergency call if someone called after 9:30 pm.  When people called we felt an excitement to answer the phone.  We sometimes felt we needed to screen the call and would let the answering machine get it.

Then came the age of Caller ID.  It was fascinating to know who was on the phone before we picked up the phone.  We could screen our calls much easier because we saw the phone number and name on the phone.

Now we have smart phones.  We can email, text, call, send pictures, etc. all from our phones.  Before we had the ability to text on our phones, my husband couldn’t understand the point of texting.  He would often say, “Why not just call them?”  Now that we have the ability to text, we seldom use the call function of the phone and text instead.  Texting is much easier because we don’t feel we are interrupting what others are doing.  We can answer at our leisure and if you’re in a loud place like a bar, or a quiet place like a library, texting can get your point across without having to talk and listen.

We’ve come this far in just my lifetime.  Imagine what the next 40 years will bring!